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3duxDesign Collections for the innovative educator and inventive kids

STEM education isn’t just about science, technology, engineering and mathematics—it’s also about what you can do with these principles in life. We encourage children to imaginatively and practically think through solutions to real-world problems by building structures and environments using the 3DuxDesign award-winning architectural modeling systemWith a huge assortment of geometric forms and connectors engineered to fit most cardboard, children never run out of raw material to work with and learn about creative repurposing while they build.  3DuxDesign products unleashes the imagination and inspires the change-maker in every child. 

Our Company

We are here for you!

P91 Management Consultancy provides customised solutions – designing, project and support management for events, logistic supplies, and retail management of educational products.  We work with companies of all sizes, if you need a customised solution, we are your partner.

P91 is pleased to partner with 3duxDesign from the U.S. and IDE Academy in Singapore to supply modeling kits for schools and personal use in Singapore.  We hope to inspire and spark inventiveness through the re-configurable and re-usable modeling kits.

The school holidays is fast upon us and the year end holidays too!

  • How do you keep your child engaged during this long break?
  • How about gifts that keeps a child playing, colouring and thinking?
  • How do you reduce screen-time without wails and temper tantrums?
  • Family bonding time to build a “new” home together?
  • Renovating and re-design hours using modeling tools?

Whatever reasons you are thinking of, your child will never be tired of these modeling kits.